Enjoy dishes made with local ingredients, home-grown vegetables, and home-grown rice.


Evening meal

Dishes vary depending on the season.
Children's dishes can be prepared, so please inquire.


Place to eat

Breakfast and dinner are served here.
We are also available for banquets, please inquire.


Sawachi food

A Kochi specialty, a large platter with a variety of dishes. The serving size is great!
Reservations are required for this dish.
Reservations are accepted from 4 persons or more.
The photo is an example of a dish.


Japanese sake

[Tosazuru] Room temperature, warmed
[Awatsuru] A sparkling sake with just the right amount of acidity and a pleasant carbonation. It has a refreshing taste with a pleasant mouthfeel.
[Ginjo-shu] A refreshing sake with a subtle ginjo aroma.
[Junmai-shu] Good taste of rice with a sharp flavor.
[Honjozo] Dry Tosa sake.
[Nigori sake] mellow sweet sake with a mildly smooth taste.
[Matsuo Tasting Sake Set] Ginjo, Junmai, Honjozo.


[Imo] Nigori Kuro (powerful flavor with lots of umami, but it goes into the mouth easily.)
[Rice] Kaientai (Enjoy the refreshing aroma and rich, rich flavor.)
[Chestnut] Ichimuzin (Enjoy the unique swelling and deep flavor of chestnut shochu.)
[Barley] Ryoma (You will enjoy its mellow and pleasant taste.)


Kirin Lager (draft beer in kegs)
Kirin Lager (medium bottle)
Asahi Super Dry (medium bottle)

Chuhai / Sour

Ume (Japanese plum)
Grape Sour


Gin & Tonic
Gin Rickey
Russian Cola
Vodka Tonic
Moscow Mule
Vodka Rickey
Smirnoff Lemonade

Soft drink

Oolong Tea
Orange Juice
Ginger Ale
Tonic Water
children's beverage
Swan Cider

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